Did you know that his is what cacao looks like ripe and just off the tree? I didn’t!  It was like meeting a long lost friend.

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  1. What are you going to do with it?

    • I didn't. I didn't buy them. Couldn't think of what I would do with them and figured we have a great chocolate maker here on the island already so… For me it was just the wonder of the moment. I had no idea they looked like that at all. Such a great discovery. @DaniaEdibleHI shared that Hawaii is the only state in the US that grows Cacao trees!

  2. culinartkosher says:

    From the pod you would have to:
    Split the pod and separate the beans from the mucilage
    Let the beans ferment for a while
    Roast the beans
    Winnow the beans from the outer paper shell
    Crack and grind the beans
    Conch the chocolate into liquor (~10 days)
    Flavor with cocoa butter and sugar
    Pour into molds.

    The conching machine is the only specialized equipment you would need. OTOH, you would then be an artisan bean-to-bar chocolatier.

  3. That is the mother of my favorite cacao chocolates! Loving them in with hot coffee every morning.

    – Blake

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