Cold Brewed Chai Tea

Cold Brewed Chai Tea

I love me my blended Chai lattes.  It’s all I get when I go out to any coffee shop, but living out beyond a 30 minute drive to any, I just don’t have them as often as I might like.  This of course, isn’t a bad thing.  At about $5+ a pop, I have to ask myself if the cost is worth it.  It’s not.

So as an alternative, I’ve started making my own.  Not hard at all, and so much cheaper, it’s been fun having cold Chai around for an afternoon hit of sweet and spicy.

I’ve gone the route of cold brewing which is easier, saves energy and allows the tea to steep in a way that brings out it’s multi flavored profile without the hint of bitterness that comes from boiling water.  Just drop in your tea and put your pitcher away in the refrigerator.  You can steep it for anywhere between 6 – 10 hours depending on how strong you like your tea.  I love it strong and just leave them in for 24 hours.

Strength of flavor is also dependent on how many tea bags you use.  In general I add one tea bag for ever 8 ounces of water in my pitcher.

A Chai wouldn’t be a Chai without some milk.  I use vanilla flavored almond milk, but regular milk, soy milk or cream works as well.  Rice milk tends to be a bit to thin.  You can sweeten your Chai with raw sugar, agave nectar, or if you really want to go decadent, evaporated milk.  I LOVE evaporated milk, but refuse to even entertain such a thing in our house!

Cold Brewed Chai Latte


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  1. Chai is the one tea I can actually handle, hah. For whatever reason, despite spending 4 years at an art school where everyone went bananas over tea, I still really really don’t like it. But chai is the exception! I’ll have to try this!

    • *smiles* It’s definitely a different flavor. Even herbal tea isn’t your thing? For a long time I just didn’t like actual tea either. But herbal worked for me. Now, I just love it all.

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