Frozen Limeade Cubes

I must say, I have loved having our friends, Rox and Shane, share the bounty of their lime tree with us.  For weeks it seemed that every time I went over there for my thrice weekly swim, I walked away with a bag of home grown organic limes.  I used them on everything; in my water, in salad dressings, Thai dishes and marinades.  At one point though, without paying attention I had amassed 40+ limes on my kitchen counter.  It was… a bit much and the fear was that there was no way we could eat them all before they went bad.

So I set a day aside and decided to take them all and preserved what I wanted from them.

I juiced all of my limes and for every cup of lime juice I added 1/2 of raw sugar.  If you’d like it sweeter, 1 cup of lime juice to 1 cup of sugar works well too.  I mixed together the concentrate and poured it all into my ice cube trays and added a mint leaf to each.

I love doing this.  Preserving the concentrate in trays or baggies in the freezer makes it easy to just pull out a cube or two, drop it into a glass of water and you have instant minty limeade.  It also helps preserve the lime tree bounty well into the colder months.

If you try this, note that because what you are freezing is essentially a syrup, the cubes are more like hardened slush, more so the more sugar you add.  It’s perfectly normal to have softer than usual cubes.

Do you want to check out what I did with all the lime zest I collected from these amazing limes?  Check it out here!

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  1. I used this technique (sort of) with other stuff that was more than I could consume. I puree and freeze papaya for smoothies later, sugar optional. I love the mint sprig. I might add that next time to my papaya.

  2. Making things simple when it comes to making raw food preparation is the key. Looks and sound out of this world.

    Raw Food Recipes

  3. Before you juice them, zest the limes. You can save the zest in ice cube trays and freeze. Then you have perfect little zest cubes ready to go into recipes. Or even add it to the juice and sugar mix for an even better flavor.

  4. ladyashleydesigns says:

    Love this idea! Shared it on my cooking page, The Good Cooker-Mom.

  5. Excellent idea, you could also get some moulds and make ice lollys out of this :)

  6. i suppose this would work with any fruit wouldnt it?

  7. I also freeze lemon juice, yogourt and I make "coulis" with anyleftovers of fruits and freeze them in ice cubes trays. I always have on hand all kinds of cubes for my smoothies

  8. Rebecca says:

    Thanks as I'm doing these too. I fully made use of this method to all my blended raw ingredients — dried chilies, turmeric, boiled to tender black beans to add to my brown rice and so on.
    By the way, I learn from Good Idea , a Taiwan TV program that fill a plate, box with water and drop in some flowers — no poison type. Let it freeze half way then pour away the water so that we can use the frozen ice as iced plate or bowl to serve our starter or fruits !! Your guests will be delighted to see such a pretty Iced plate or bowl on the table !!

  9. Elena! I just got a web alert on this post from 2012. Hope you are still grabbing limes – the tree just keeps on giving! Love, Rox


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