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Local Should Mean Local

Like 'organic', ‘natural' and ‘sustainable', the word ‘local' has become a catch phrase that food marketers think is cool because it … [Read More...]

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Market Views From Barcelona, Spain

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FoodPractice.com in Rome, Italy

Eating In Italy

Italy.  Maybe it’s the fantasy, maybe it’s the visions I’ve always held about being here and eating myself into a bliss induced coma, or … [Read More...]

FoodPractice.com in Sofia, Bulgaria

Good Food In Sofia, Bulgaria

In our adventure into Europe, we made a week long stop in Sofia, Bulgaria for Jon and I to attend Wordcamp Europe 2014.  I, admittedly, had … [Read More...]


Slow Food Delegate to Terra Madre in Turino, Italy 2014

Moving to Maui was both about our love for the Ocean as it was for my own love of food community.  Early on when Jon and I were spending our … [Read More...]

FoodPractice.com in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain. Working In Cafes With A Dash Of Gluten Free

We spent a week in Barcelona, which was lovely, I must say. Landing there was a hint of a past full of whispers. Somewhere further into this … [Read More...]