Village Cafe, Music And Twitter On Maui

It seems that along with words like paradise and perfection being associated with Maui, good food, twitter and community could be on that list as well.

Jon and I are back again, and this time to look for a permanent residence.  Paradise Maui, its food, and community made it impossible to stay away.

One of the first events we attended was at Village Cafe And Sweet Shop over in Kapalua, to listen to Joel Katz play music, while getting together with some of the Twitterati of Maui.

The image below shows some of the early arrivals.  In it, is the amazing foodista for Edible Magazine Hawaii, Dania Katz (@DaniaEdibleHi), Jen Russo of Maui Time Magazine (@JenRusso ), Julie Yoneyama (@JulieYacaCoco ), Joel Katz (@JoelKatzMaui) and Jon Brown (@JB510).  We met, ate, listened to great music and had a wonderful evening at a restaurant that is fairly new, and situated on a gorgeous golf course with views of nearby hills.

On the website for the restaurant you’ll read:

Village Cafe and Sweet Shoppe has both a long story and a short story as to how the concept developed… but to keep this simple, let’s just say that we are aspiring to create a gathering place for visitors and residents to meet and enjoy a great dining experience.  That is one of the reasons for using “village” in the name of the restaurant.  Not only is our location the former Village Clubhouse for the Village Golf Course, but a village is a community in which their location provides a strong social bond.  We strive to ensure that every guest will enjoy the comfort and feeling of “being home” when they are here.

Stuart and Debbi Katz (@Debbi4VCSS), provide this home like environment they’ve set out to create, perfectly. Its not that the restaurant looks like home so much as its openness, grand windows and hospitality seem to cater well to friends and family coming together in communion over good food.  The service was wonderful and incredibly attentive.  As the night wore on and more people came to join us, more tables and chairs were added, while the food kept everyone happy.

I ordered the Cobb Salad with no blue cheese, as it was the safest gluten free bet for me on the menu, especially at a restaurant I hadn’t been to before.  I have to say, that by far, this has been the BEST Cobb Salad I have ever had.  EVER.  The dressing, the chicken, the bacon…  all of it mixed with crispy fresh greens was just so amazingly flavorful, that it really ruined me for any other Cobb Salad I might have in the future.  Which is a problem, because I tend to default to Cobb Salad when eating out and afraid of gluten in other dishes.

The menu is a varied one, featuring great salads, the usual burger fare, but with choices of seasoned Angus beef, grilled chicken, blackened Mahi Mahi or grilled Mahi Mahi patties.  This adds a great twist to the usual burger, which makes it a great menu item.

There is also seafood, meat and vegetarian options for dinner, and the kitchen is quite generous with their willingness to modify dishes as needed.  All in all a great place to check out with a group of friends or family.

Oh wait… and did I mention the Martini was perfection?  It was… and I’m thinking that I’m going to have to create some type of Martini rating system for Food Practice.  Stay tuned!

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