Native Foods Restaurant in Palms Springs, Ca

“Native Foods is an organic/vegan/vegetarian restaurant designed to meet the needs of today’s discriminating, health-conscious diners looking for great-tasting food—for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.”

Enticing mission statement isn’t it?  I love Native Foods, and have even posted recipes from the cook book that comes from the creator of Native Foods.  Its a great restaurant with consciously made cuisine that taste incredibly good.  I have never ever ordered anything here that I didn’t love.

Jon and I drove off the mountain yesterday to run some errands and decided to try the Native Foods in Palm Springs.  We had only previously been to the one in Orange County.  They now have 7 locations in Southern California.  We’re lucky to have 2 of them close to us!

If you’re a vegan this is the place for you.  I will say that being gluten free requires a careful read of the menu as most of their ‘meat’ is made with Seitan which is a gluten bomb!  But there are certainly enough dishes with no ‘meat’ at all, and tempeh and tofu are also used in many of the main dishes, like the one pictured above which is their Hollywood Bowl.

Delicious Native Fries with a vegan ranch dressing on the side.

Portabella And “Sausage” Burger

The En “Cha Cha’ Lada Bowl.


If you’re in Southern California, definitely make it a point to check out one of their  locations.  The food is healthy, fresh and so delicious.  You walk away feeling happy.  Truly.
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  1. Native Foods Cafe rocks…i went into the one in Palm Desert by accident 10 years ago and now eat there twice a week and I ma not even vegan…just love the food. its a wow. Chef Tanya Petrovna is amazing and you need to check out her cooking demos…they are free! I heard a rumor she's expanding too yay i say

    • Yes!!! She was actually there last Sunday but due to our 'little' snow storm I wasn't able to attend. I think it would be great for Native Foods to be in other states but I wonder if that would dilute the quality? Not sure, and its such a great place, more people should have access to it.

  2. Carole Gagnon says:

    Love the Native Foods Rest. We live near Palm Springs and eat at the ones there whenever possible. Now we live near Roseville, Ca. What a perfect spot for you to put one of those there. So many people are either Vegetarian or Vegans and our choices are limited. Please, Please, and Please again build one there. We need you. Carole Gagnon

  3. Thanks Elena for this special and yummy food images! I can't wait to eat this food now. And I'm really want to go there to try one of these. Thanks the head up……….

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