Lola’s Mexican Cafe In Long Beach, California

I’ve been off the mountain now for two weeks.  And although I miss it, you all know that I love me my old stomping grounds.  NO trip to the lowlands is complete without going to Lola’s Mexican Cafe in Long Beach!  In fact all my friends are over the fact that when asked where to meet, I answer gleefully, “Duh!!!  Lola’s!”

Located in the lovely area of Long Beach, Lola’s is simply awesome.  Really, its all about their green sauce, which I swear the other food is simply there to hold for you.  If all they served was their green sauce, I would go there morning, noon and night.  I kid you not.  Yes, the food is great, but its all. about. the. green. sauce.

Rumor had it a couple of years back that they were in the plans for bottling it and selling it.  I keep forgetting to ask how those plans are going, and next time, because you know there will be, I’ll ask.

Interestingly, I’ve read several mixed reviews on yelp for this restaurant, and I suppose we all have our different tastes.  The staff is friendly, and savvy on what can be eaten as a vegetarian or a vegan.  If you ask them about gluten, most of them have an idea of what they are talking about.  The dishes are good, and the chips are made there.  Now while there, you can even go to their website and its a webap that gives you a daily special discount on dishes they have.  So worth it.

More then anything though its that green sauce.  I’m telling you, its to die for, so go there and get extra!

The other cool thing about Lola’s?  They offer regular Coke and Mexican Coke!  Yes… its true.  The difference, you ask?  Coke here in the States is made with corn syrup.  Coke in Mexico is made with pure sugar.  Now yes, we should all abstain from soda no matter what, but Coke with real sugar and icey cold… *swoons*  Reminds me of road trips through Baja.


So the big confession on my part is that when I go to Lola’s I only ever order the Potato Taquito appetizer, because I have so much chips and green sauce I’m usually to full to have more.  I have however had other dishes in the past and they were great.  Jon always has the Chile Relleno Burrito and says they are great.

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  1. Yummy!

  2. Yum! Everything looks delicious – and you definitely had me at Mexican Coke! Can't beat that stuff! =)

    • Right? Reminds me of all those road trips into Baja… Nothing beats the beach and a cold cold glass bottle of Coke down there… with great tacos of course!

  3. The food there is To Die For. It is Delish!!! You can never go wrong with that green sauce. Even my toddler LOVES it. And the owners and staff are the best. They make you feel like family when you’re there.

    • Mmhmmm… in fact, its a lovely Spring day here in Idyllwild, but today I woke up with a yen to go to Long Beach and eat there! I need to get a gallon of that sauce the next time I go there and bring it back up the mountain with me!

  4. coldassyuppyfood says:

    lolas = sin

  5. I am DYING to know what’s in that green salsa! It is freaking amazing, and they’re so secretive if you ask them what’s in it…so I just call it soylent green…damn now I want me some Lola’s haha

    • seriously… EVERY SINGLE time I go back to California, Lola’s is a must. I’m heading back again in a month and you know I’ve already got my Lola’s date scheduled!

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